The Cable Car – An Analogy

February 3, 2009

This summer my family and I were blessed with the opportunity to visit Europe. One of the more awe-inspiring excursions was a visit to the top of one of the breathtaking peaks of the Swiss Alps. In order to get to the top you must take 3 separate rides by cable car, which is an experience itself. Once you are at the top you are able to witness one of the most picturesque views on earth.

While we were inside the visitor’s center at the top we watched as a huge cloud descended upon the mountain and soon we were covered in a pure white fog. The cloud remained all around us even as we returned down the mountain in the cable cars. Riding in a cable car that is traveling through a cloud gives you a weird feeling because it seems as if your not moving anywhere, its hot, crowded, depending on the person next to you it smells, it almost makes you claustrophobic and it seems like your going nowhere. During this ride down the mountain it hit me. 

Sometimes life seems like riding in a cable car, its crowded, uncomfortable, and many times you feel as if your going nowhere. I’ll admit that there have been plenty of times that I’ve felt as if God was somehow silent or even as if he wasn’t there in my life. But as with the cable car, there is a fog all around me, and I can’t see clearly.

Being surrounded by a cloud in the cable car I couldn’t witness the amazing beauty of the Alps because I simply couldn’t see them, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t there, much in the same way, when we feel like God is distant or that he is silent, the real reason is that there may be a fog between us. Maybe the fog or cloud is pride, or guilt, eroding anger, or maybe we’re not close enough to Him. Whenever we feel as if God isn’t there we should first assess our emotions and our state of mind and then ask for God to lift the cloud so that we may fully see His presence that is all around us.

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