University to offer MRS degree in the fall

April 2, 2011

The university will be offering a Master of Relational Sciences (MRS) degree this fall as a joint program under the College of Biblical Studies and the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy. The new program will be offered to single female students who have completed their undergraduate studies at ACU who wish to pursue careers in domesticity.

“We felt there was a real need to offer our female students who have not found a suitor by the time they finish their undergraduate studies at least two more years to find a suitable mate,” said Dr. James Vowz, associate professor of matrimony, who will be teaching Introduction to Ring By Spring.

Students enrolled in the MRS program must complete 60 hours and will graduate upon completion of an internship or engagement proposal by spring of their second year. Some classes that will be offered include: Marital Financial Planning, Personal Selling for Engagement Purposes, Inter-spouse Communication and Quilt Making.

Several students have already expressed their excitement about the many possibilities that this program creates.

“Hopefully this new degree program will open some doors,” says Jennifer Folly, a junior from Arlington. “I already have a reservation for Chapel on the Hill for the June after I graduate and selections at Bath and Body Works, Dillards and Target. Now all I need is a groom and I am set.”

Graduation will include a mass wedding for all graduates along with the awarding of marriage certificates.  Family and friends can expect to receive graduation and save-the-date announcements eight to twelve weeks prior to the big day. Students who may still be having trouble landing a marriage offer can speak to their advisor who can refer them to single Bible majors in their senior year.

Those who wish to apply must submit a 250 word essay on the importance of marriage and how an MRS degree fits into their long-term goals. The deadline for applications is April 14.





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