Iphone usage, diversity takes sharp increase in presence of photographers

April 3, 2011


A strange phenomenon is occurring on campus. In recent weeks the use of mobile learning devices along with the diversity rate among students have both seen a significant increase. It is unclear as to whether there is a causal link between the recent increases and the presence of university marketing photographers in classrooms. Either way, many on campus are excited about the possibilities.

“It’s great to walk into a class and see a perfect 1:1 ratio of all the different ethnic groups,” Rachelle Stephenson, junior psychology major from Portales, NM said. “I’ve always really enjoyed my classes but now my time in the classroom is just so wonderful that I can’t keep from smiling.”

Stephenson added that she is glad that the positive changes coincided with the days the photographers came to her class so that they could capture them on film.

It also appears there is something almost magical about the photographer’s presence that allows an iPhone or iPad to appear in every student’s hand. Students who may not have brought or used their mobile learning devices in class are now grinning from ear to ear as they point at a small iPhone screen while others look on in amusement.

Students’ increased use of their mobile learning devices captured on camera also helps add legitimacy to the mobile learning initiative. Many students, like Donovan Staggs, senior business major from Lubbock, are glad that their iPhones will be utilized in their classes beyond marketing purposes.

“I use my iPhone all the time in class,” Staggs said. “For example, today I used my mobile learning device to look up a scripture that was already on the projector screen. Outside of simply glancing up, I never would have been able to do that without an iPhone. Now that’s exceptional, innovative and real.”

Administrators are interested in the positive changes occurring in the classroom and are seeking ways to make the photographer’s presence more permanent.



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